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Happy Holidays 


Dear friends,

We wanted to thank you for being with us and we are sending our very best wishes along with a special gift and an experience — a unique NFT artwork "RONIN" by Denis Ouch, a Russian-American contemporary street artist.
To celebrate our dynamic, successful partnership with you, we asked Denis to create a special series of artworks titled “RONIN”.

Each artwork consists of unique features such as special colors or elements that add a personal touch to this gift and underline our exclusive approach in business.

Pursuing Ronin’s mission to protect and multiply our clients' capital, we wanted to provide you with a new experience in the booming NFT market by starting your own personal NFT collection with the “RONIN” series. Welcome to an exciting journey into the digital art world under our careful navigation. Happy New Year!

May joy and prosperity be yours in the new year.


You now own a unique NFT “RONIN” created by Denis Ouch in collaboration with Ronin Partners.

The work interprets a popular character — “RONIN”. With this series the artist created symbolic interpretations of reliability, trust and protection.

Denis Ouch

Contemporary street artist Denis Ouch
(born 1984 in St.Petersburg, Russia) gained international acclaim for his elegant large-scale murals that can be found in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and Detroit.
His practice also includes works on paper and canvas.
About Artist
In 2020 he successfully released his first NFT series Crypto Heroes on platform and participated in Bridge to Metaverse, an NFT exhibition in the virtual world Cryprovoxels.

Denis Ouch’s works are in various international public and private collections, most notably, in the private collection of Diane von Furstenberg. He shares his time between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Denis Ouch
Short video about Artist

What to expect next?

Find an answer in FAQ
How can I get my NFT?

It’s time to receive your unique NFT gift into your crypto wallet. Please follow the link from your email that will navigate you through the process and allow you to claim your NFT after opening the Metamask crypto wallet. Please note that if you already have a MetaMask crypto wallet only you need to connect it.

What can I do with my NFT?

When you get your unique NFT you can either keep it or sell it on the secondary market. This artwork has a market value!

How can I sell my NFT?

You can sell your NFT through the OpenSea platform. When setting your secondary market price, remember that you will also need to pay a transaction fee (gas).

How can I show my collection to other people?

You can show your collection on OpenSea through your phone or computer or on your walls in digital frames or screens.

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is a platform where you can show, sell and buy NFTs. You can check the instructions about creating the account on that platform here.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a platform where you can create your own crypto wallet. Your NTF will be stored there. Please, securely save your seed phrase and your private key to your wallet. If you forget or lose it, you will not be able to access or restore your MetaMask wallet and will lose all your digital assets including etherium.

What confirms the authenticity of your work?

Each artwork is attached to a unique token, which stores information about this artwork and confirms its uniqueness. Only you have access to this information.